Go Blended!

A Handbook for Blending Technology in Schools

Auteur(s): Liz Arney

Craft a blended learning program tailor–made for your students Go Blended! is a practical implementation guide for educators interested in getting blended learning off the ground.

Blended learning is more than just technology–enhanced education. It is a distinct model of instruction, and one that is growing in importance, thanks to some phenomenal successes at K 12 schools across the country. ‘Go Blended!’ presents the lessons learned and best practices discovered as a result of one such success story. Aspire Public Schools is one of the highest performing public school systems in the United States, thanks in part to its innovative blended learning initiatives. In this book, Aspire?s Director of Innovative Learning, Liz Arney, shares a framework for getting started with blended learning so that K 12 schools everywhere can begin their journeys on sure footing.

With this book, educators and leaders can achieve the necessary enthusiasm by learning to plan, build teams, and make strategic decisions that will form the foundation for success in implementing blended learning.

By its nature, blended learning involves technologies that will inevitably change and become outmoded by newer advances. Truly blended schools need to be adaptable, so that teachers, staff, and administrators can seamlessly deliver rigorous, individualized education, even as our world continues to change. Go Blended! is a practical manual that outlines the steps in the process of launching a blended learning plan that?s ready for the future.

Taal: Engels
Prijs: 13.95
EAN: 9781118974209
Beschikbaarheid: Direct leverbaar
Uitgever: Jossey Bass
Liz Arney
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