Digital Design Art Director / Amsterdam

Organisatie: Emakina-HR
Locatie: Amsterdam
Functie: Digital Design Art Director
Vervaldatum: 29/04/2021
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Is Comic Sans your fav font?
Do your eyes adjust easily to purple patterns on a red background?
Are you still in mourning for the death of Paint?
Do you miss Flash as your best friend?

Jokes aside.

Is this you in a nutshell?

  • You have 5+ years of experience in an agency
  • Design is your passion: You’re a crazy typography lover, badass in colors palette & photography art direction
  • This also means you love animations & interactions
  • You are familiar with Design sprint methodology
  • You are a badass in Figma and Adobe Suite
  • You know all the secrets on how to create a sparkling presentation in Google Slides (& how to present it to our clients )
  • You have a passion for e-commerce and web experiences;
  • You get excited by fast pitch creation
  • Front-end developers and UX designers are your best friends
  • You have a super cool and inspiring portfolio!
  • Then send in your application & portfolio below! Or read on for some more information:

    What you’ll do as a Digital Design Art Director at Emakina

    You will be involved in your projects from start to finish. Pitching, the art direction in the beginning, all the way to the execution of design details in the end. Because of your work, a high standard of visual execution is ensured. You mentor and guide more junior members of the visual team in balancing scope of the work and you are able to mitigate frustrations that are inherent to the design process.

    With our clients, keeping the budgets and implications on different platforms in mind, you explore new digital avenues and are not limited to the status quo. You inspire others by taking risks.

    You are experienced and confident in working hands on with a talented team to ensure creative execution. You work closely and mostly within the scrum team to align the artwork with the technology required for each project, making sure that the design solutions are executable and bringing strategic concepts to life on web and mobile with our clients.

    ” Art Direction in Emakina has to enhance the client’s brands and bring the users to engaging and memorable experiences. We create high quality visual worlds.”
    Swan Lefevre – Head of Visual Design a.k.a. Your future manager

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