Director, GCC / Utrecht

Organisatie: Rabobank
Locatie: Utrecht
Functie: Director, GCC
Vervaldatum: 26/03/2021
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Job Overview/Purpose:

(A short overview explaining why the job exists)

Maintain and expand the business of the branch’s GCC clients to maximise revenue from client base across all product groups.

Context of Job:

(A short description of the Department in the context of Rabobank International/Regional Branch and how the Job Holder fits into this structure and is able to contribute)

To support Global Corporate Clients in achieving their strategic objectives by:

· Coordinate client focussed efforts on behalf of the bank for top tier relationships at an executive level

· Maximize revenues relative to capital utilization for client base across all product groups and across all regions

· Increase cross-sell for the Rabobank Group

· Align all the relevant parties for the client strategy

· Manage the client relationship teams; organize and deliver client marketing programs for product specialists and support their origination efforts

Authorisation/Sign-Off Levels:

To be completed where the Job Holder has responsibility for the following areas:

· Cost centre owner/budget holder
· Managing a team of people
· Authorised signatory/checker of work

Job Requirements

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

(Between 6-12 statements explaining the principle elements/key areas of responsibility of the role including description of any key activities and or duties. Line Managers accountabilities should focus on risk, quality and people management)

Business Development

· Maintain and expand clients network for Rabobank

· Maximise revenues from clients base across all product groups and across all regions

· Increase cross-selling activities for Rabobank Group

Relationship Management

· Originate and initiate new client relations and build on client intimacy

· Continued management of existing clients relationships at CEO/CFO level in line with policy and to the high standards required for these clients

· Continuous activities to enhance deal origination

· Oversight of all deal execution

· Coordinate client focussed efforts on behalf of the bank for top tier relationships. Work with bankers in a range of geographic locations driven by the business needs of each core client

Credit & Loans

· Lead the origination and execution of loan transactions for our chosen clients, working independently or collaboratively with different product groups depending on complexity of the transaction

· Prepare credit application together with analysts from the risk management department

Client Service

· Effectively lead client teams to align relevant parties within the bank to proposed clients strategies (Risk, product families, credit, research, M&A etc)

· Plan and commit the time/resources to the origination of high value-added deals together with the relevant product groups and Rabo Group subsidiaries

Risk Management

· Ensure potential customers are selected on the basis of an acceptable risk profile in line with the Bank’s F&A Client Selection Criteria

· Keep the risks of business transactions within acceptable limits

Team Management

· Motivated team that exceeds expectations to meet clients’ needs

· Build team culture

Key Relationships:

(Key internal and external contacts e.g. clients, suppliers, internal Rabobank teams)

· Core clients and prospects

· External advisors, such as law firms, accounting firms and consultants

· M&A teams in the regions (Europe, Americas, Asia)

· Relationship bankers, Account Executives, FAR, Acquisition Finance, Professional Products

· Other relevant internal and external stakeholders

Core Competencies:

· Market / Customer focus

· Strategic Vision

· Inspirer

· Synergise across group

· Challenge /Driver innovation

· Output – Result-driven

· Team Management

· Influencing effectiveness

· Impact, both internally and externally

· Delegate responsibilities

Job Skills and Knowledge:

(Any specific skills or knowledge that a person is required to possess to carry out the job effectively and be fully competent e.g. product/system knowledge, products need to sell)


· At least 8 years relevant experience in wholesale clients environment, preferably 5 years with a product line

· Strategic relationship development and credit analysis/loan structuring experience

· Capability to maintain dialogue at CEO/CFO level

· Strong academic background with proven conceptual and strategic capabilities

· Proven, international, team-management skills

· Entrepreneurship, results orientation, client impact, team worker, broad orientation incl. on cultural matters and on social engagement


· Bachelor’s degree at University in Business, Banking, Finance or other related disciplines

Diversity & Inclusion

At Rabobank Asia, we:

Believe a diverse and inclusive workplace is the foundation of our performance.

Embed diversity in everything we do on a daily basis, whether it be our hiring, culture, development opportunities or our policies.

Value differences in our people which is represented in terms of gender identity, age, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, disability, background, education, expertise or character. 
Embrace people from all walks of life to build a strong, creative, innovative and dynamic workforce that is reflective of the diversity of our community.

Treat everyone equally so that everyone can be themselves, and each individual feels respected and valued on the basis of who they are.“


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