Personal Assistant to the Director / Wassenaar

Organisatie: American School of The Hague (ASH)
Locatie: Wassenaar
Functie: Personal Assistant to the Director
Vervaldatum: 11/06/2021
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You believe that school is preparation for life, more than simply the next level of school.
You are passionate about working at a school. It’s an opportunity to play a role in the development of an international group of young students. You’d like to work somewhere with a unique and caring atmosphere where your contribution is key and is valued. 

You are the go to person, if someone needs help you are right there. No query is too big or small for you. You’ll handle it in your usual positive manner, you like helping people, figuring out how you can best serve their needs. You are friendly and warm in your approach and people you speak to feel valued and respected; their day goes just that bit better as a result of your help. 

You are an experienced personal or administrative assistant with a secretarial background and have some years working experience in an international environment (preferably). You have excellent people and communication skills.

In addition you;

  • have strong technology skills and see IT as an enabler for you; experience with Apple Mac, Google Suite and Power School is preferred. Knowledge of facility reservation system (Midas) and facility management system (prequest) is considered a plus.
  • are able to compose high quality business letters, hold things in confidence, troubleshoot and implement solutions. 
  • have excellent organizational skills, are detail oriented, proactive and can manage a wide range of tasks.
  • The Role: The Personal Assistant to the Director is located on the main campus and will report to the Director. Your day begins at 08:00 and finishes at 16:00, occasionally you will work evenings. You will have the school holidays and the month of July off. The American School of The Hague has approximately 1200 students and 320 staff members. You’ll be committed to learning about the school; how it operates, where and how to find people and the systems we use. This helps you to excel at your job. 

    The Work: As Personal Assistant to the Director you work both independently and in close cooperation with the Director. You serve as the primary contact for the Board of Trustees in relation to school activities. You register new board members at the Chamber of Commerce and unregister leaving board members. You edit and proofread all outgoing correspondence, maintain the school’s policy manuals, keep the calendar, handle phone calls, file documents and manage the incoming mail. You organize school-wide official functions and events, prepare drafts of school-year calendars, arrange accommodations (flight and hotel) and prepare schedules for visitors. You prepare the monthly board package and take minutes of the monthly board meetings, as well as the weekly leadership team meetings. You arrange registration and organize travel and accommodation arrangements for the recruitment fairs. You schedule interviews for the Director and give tours of the school. You schedule appointments and manage the calendar for the Business Manager, and occasionally assist the HR manager. You order flowers and presents and attend to requests and inquiries form staff, board members and parents.

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