Senior Specialist – Operational Coordinator for the Operations Directorate, (AD8) / The Hague

Organisatie: Europol
Locatie: The Hague
Functie: Senior Specialist – Operational Coordinator for the Operations Directorate, (AD8)
Vervaldatum: 11/06/2021
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The Operations Directorate deals with the core business of Europol, improving the effectiveness and cooperation of the competent authorities in the Member States in preventing and combating serious and organised crime, as well as terrorism affecting the Member States. This requires close cooperation with the Liaison Bureaux at Europol and via them with the Operational Teams in the Member States. 

Europol delivers a number of products and services to national law enforcement agencies to support them in their fight against international serious and organised crime, as well as terrorism.

The Operations Directorate hosts five distinct Departments: Operational and Analysis Centre, European Serious Organised Crime Centre, European Cyber Crime Centre, European Counter Terrorism Centre and the European Financial and Economic Crime Centre.

The Operations Directorate Management Office (ODMO) monitors the administrative and operational information flow of the Operations Directorate Management (ODM). ODMO facilitates and support managerial implementation, business planning and finance. 

The job holder is responsible for providing advice to the Deputy Executive Director of the Operations Directorate on strategic and operational matters.

The successful candidate will have to carry out the following main duties: 
• Act as programme/project manager for major cross-cutting operational changes and initiatives concerning the Operations Directorate and consider their organisational and functional impact;
• Act as a Focal point for the Directorate for all matters pertaining data protection and risk management;
• Support the development and implementation of the Europol Strategy in cross-cutting aspects of relevance to the Operations Directorate; 
• Coordinate the Directorate internal application of the Europol Regulation concerning the processing of personal data;
• Provide advice and draft notes on operational related matters; assess implications and make recommendations to OD management on possible strategies, policies and other measures to address issues of concern and to advance OD objectives;
• Provide the DEDO with constant updated operational overviews;
• Provide expertise and coordinate actions in the field of data governance; 
• Coordinate with internal and external stakeholders on cross-cutting matters of particular relevance to the Operations Directorate;
• Support when necessary the Operations Directorate Management Office (ODMO) in the administrative day-to-day management;
• Represent Europol and provide advice regarding conferences, seminars, working groups and other meetings related to OD;
• Perform any other tasks in the areas of competence as assigned by the line management.


a. Candidates must
• Be a member of a competent authority in the meaning of the Article 2a) of the Europol Regulation and enjoy full rights as a citizen of a Member State; 
• Produce appropriate character references as to his or her suitability for the performance of the duties; 
• Have fulfilled any obligations imposed by the applicable laws on military service; 
• Be physically fit to perform the duties pertaining to the position (prior to appointment the successful candidate will be medically examined by one of the institution’s medical officers in order that the institution may be satisfied that the candidate fulfils the requirements of Article 12(2)(d) CEOS); 
• Produce evidence of a thorough knowledge of one of the languages of the Union and a satisfactory knowledge of another language of the Union to the extent necessary for the performance of the duties. 

b. Candidates must have
• A level of education which corresponds to completed university studies attested by a diploma when the normal period of university education is at least 4 years; 
• A level of education, which corresponds to completed university studies, attested by a diploma and appropriate professional experience of at least 1 year when the normal period of university education is 3 years.
Professional training of an equivalent level in a relevant area and after having completed the training, at least the number of years of relevant professional experience indicated in the table below:

Duration of professional training Additional professional experience required for equivalency
More than 6 months and up to 1 year 4 years
More than 1 year and up to 2 years 3 years
More than 2 years and up to 3 years 2 years
More than 3 years 1 years

• In addition to the above at least 9 years of professional work experience gained after the award of the diploma.


a. Professional experience (assessed mainly during the Shortlisting phase):
• Experience in handling and coordinating all aspects of high level investigations;
• Experience in the field of (personal) data processing in the law enforcement environment;
• Experience in risk management, preferably in the security field;
• Practical experience to design and implement processes at organisational level.
• Experience in strategic and operational planning and analysis;
• Working experience at international level, preferably in the law enforcement area;
• Experience in policy advice and assessment in the management office of a large organisation;
• Practical experience of international law enforcement co-operation regulations and procedures.


b. Professional knowledge (assessed during the Selection procedure – Written/Practical test and/or Interview)
• Knowledge of international law enforcement co-operation regulations and procedures;
• Sound knowledge of law enforcement investigative techniques; 
• Knowledge of the application of data protection principles;
• Knowledge of risk management methodology;
• Knowledge of project management methodologies, techniques, and common tools;
• Knowledge of the EU and Europol’s legal framework related to data governance.

c. General competencies (assessed during the selection procedure – Written/Practical test and/or Interview):
• Excellent communication skills in English, both orally and in writing;
• Excellent presentation skills;
• Ability to draft clear and concise documents on complex matters for various audiences.
Analysing & problem solving:
• Structured approach to work aimed at getting results;
• Excellent analytical and critical thinking skills;
• Competent user of Microsoft Office applications (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) and the internet. 
Delivering quality and results:
• High degree of commitment and flexibility;
• High level of customer and service-orientation.
Prioritising and organising:
• Excellent organizational skills including the ability to plan own work load, establish clear priorities and exercise initiative;
• Ability to manage projects and familiarity with project management terminology and methodology.
• Strong ability to work well both independently and in a team;
• Very good interpersonal skills, including the ability to effectively liaise with other departments, groups and teams as well as with external partners;
• Ability to remain effective under a heavy workload and demonstrate resistance to stress. 
Living diversity:
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with co-workers in an international and multi-disciplinary work environment.
• Ability to synthesise various data into a coherent and relevant whole, transforming it into a valuable and correct conclusion; 
• Building constructive relationships with clients, adequately identifying and managing their needs and expectations, and giving well-grounded advice.

d. Fulfil the condition stipulated in Article 5 of the Decision of the Executive Director on the Duration of contracts of employment for Temporary Agents, on the start date of the possible contract of employment, which may be offered.


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